Aaron Crowell
Important Information
Gender Male
Family James Crowell (father), Francis (mother), Felicity Crowell (sister)
Status Alive
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'2
Affiliation George Fisher
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Aaron Crowell is a survivor of the Global Outbreak.


Aaron Crowell was born on the 28th of June 1989, in Los Angelos, California. He was born to James and Frances Crowell. He had one brother called Jasper and a sister called Felicity. It's currently unknown if they survived the global outbreak.

During his life he went to school, just like any normal child. After his high school he went to study Psychology where he met George Fisher with who he started a relationship. They were both dating when the Global Outbreak started. When he told his parents his father couldn't believe it and threated him like a monster. Luckily he moved out and could live alone. He started working in this restaurant- bar to pay his bills as student.


Aaron and George hid in the restaurant for one day. They looted the restaurant and left the restaurant for the Limestone Quarry.


Aaron will use a Glock as his firearm but since ammo is low in the Outbreak he will use an axe as his melee weapon.


George FisherEdit

Aaron and George started dating before the Apocalypse. They were roommates and love eachother till the dead will part them. Aaron sees George as a cute person and will do anything to make him survive.