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George Fisher is happily killing Walkers with their date

George Fisher
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Vital statistics
Position Survivor
Age 23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'7
Weight 180 lbs
George Fisher is a survivor of the Global Outbreak.


George was born into a pretty rich family. His father a well known doctor and his mother a famous author. Anyway, George was born on August the 15th, 1989. He was a pretty weak and feable child at a very young age. Being an only  child he was spoilt by his mother and father. He was never a smart child, and was very childish for his age.

In Highschool George came out about being gay, for this all the kids bullied him, this made him pretty unstable. In his high school term as well he was also put into the 'Special' Class.

The only reason George got into such a good collage was because his father was good friends with the head master. In collage George studied Art. Here he met Aaron, who was his flat mate.



Aaron and George managed to get a band of survivors from Los Angelos.





He loves Aaron with all his heart, he's so kind and sweet WIP


George doesn't really use weapons. But is forced to carry a Baseball Bat under Aarons rule.