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Nicole Jacobson
Vital statistics
Position Survivor
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'6
Weight 130 ibs
Nicole Jacobson is a survivor of the Global Outbreak.


Nicole never had the best life. Her mother was a prostitute and she never knew her father. Nicole was just a mistake a broken condom caused and her mother never really paid attention to her nor did she love her. Her mother didn't have too many money either. She was born in 1997 on the 13th March. As a child she grew quite cold and ruthless. At night she faced with the choice of staying home and hearing her mother "do her job" or be out on the streets at night. She choose the ladder, and would always sleep on benches in old parks and such. 

In High school, Nicole was always that weird girl everyone avoided. No one would want to be together with her, but she didn't mind. Actually, she preferred it that way. She didn't have open herself up to anyone, she didn't have to vulnerable.


Nicole is cold towards almost everyone. She isn't hostile, and doesn't go into conflicts unless she feels she has to but she does not show any signs of love either, fearing they would show weakness. She's used to take care of herself so working together with the other survivors may be a bit of a hassle for her. Many people are intimidated by her, but on the inside, she's really just a girl who has a hard time showing love, because no one ever showed her any.



Because of the fact that she would have to sleep out on the streets, she would never go anywhere without a kitchen knife of some kind in case she was attacked while sleeping or had to defend herself.