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Peyton Caverly
YIR poy hyland
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Fernando Caverly (father), Amelia Schwarz (mother), Damien Caverly (brother), Erin Caverly (sister)
Status Alive
Age 21
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'3
Affiliation Derek Teel
Home Houston, Texas

Peyton Caverly is a survivor of the Global Outbreak.


Peyton is average size, 5'3, with light hazel eyes and caramel brown hair. She only weighs 109 pounds, she's thin, and has small eyes that she makes bigger with lots of eyeliner.


Peyton is generally a nice person, she's not afraid to share her opinion and would like to be paid to do so. She's very sarcastic, and doesn't care much about others feelings unless it's one of her friends or family.

Peyton often cracks a joke here or there, and minds her own business, she's never nosy and always asks the right questions. She doesn't get into others ways and seems to always know what they're thinking.

Early Life

Peyton Caverly was born on April 6th 1992, to Amelia Schwarz and Fernando Caverly. She's the oldest of 3 children, running first with Damien being 18 and Erin being 15. Her mother died of cancer, when Peyton was only 14 and Damien was 11. Peyton's father hired a babysitter by the name of Corey Law, to take care of them whenever he left to go to work.


Peyton age 14

But Mr. Law was only a liar and he took advantage of Peyton. A boy named Derek Teel was just passing by the house to go home and he heard the chaos inside and attacked 23 year old Mr. Law. Damien called the police and ever since Derek and Peyton have been best friends. When Peyton turned 16 they went out on their first date and they've been dating ever since.

Peyton has a best friend called Anastasiya Ivashkov, from Baia, Russia.