We will have a few rules regarding Roleplaying

  1. Be polite. Don't scold on other users because you don't like
  2. The Walking Dead contains mature stuff, like rapes and murder. You are allowed to roleplay about this
  3. Every once in a while you need one of your characters to die to make it realistic. If you want your character murdered by one specific character contact the maker of that character.
  4. Cursing is allowed.
  5. This wiki is PG 13 but graphic killings can be made by admins. Sex and sexual activities should not be to graphic, and you may use <censor> to cover some 'words/actions' up.
  6. Before you start roleplaying with a certain character make sure you got a page about that character, just like Aaron Crowell.
  7. You can only groups that are open. When a group is filled you have to create your own or wait till another one opens.
  8. To make a group, please ask a Admin's permission.
  9. Please be serious.
  10. Only edit your own pages.