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Saylor Swanpoel is a survivor of the Global Outbreak.


Saylor is tall, with blonde locks, and blue/green eyes.


Native to Florida, Saylor was at her residence in Miami, Florida at the time of the outbreak. After her realization of the apocalypse, she fleed her home, killing walkers along the way using a baseball bat until she found a survivor group.

After traveling quite a distance, she met up with a group of LA survivors. After some consideration, she was welcomed into the group.


Los Angelos SurvivorsEdit

Saylor first came in contact with The LA Survivors after traveling from her Miami home to escape the outbreak. She is the second survivor to join the LA Survivors, the first being Aaron Crowell. She was skeptical at first, but over time accepted the other members.

Aaron CrowellEdit

Saylor is an acquaintance of Aaron's, but not very close. She knows little about him, and accepts him as an ally.

Taylor MildewEdit

Saylor and Taylor are currently un-accociated with one another.


Her main weapon is a baseball bat, but is capable of using a knife, machete, or hammer. With training, she would be able to handle a firearm, but her preference is meelee weapons.