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Taylor Mildew
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Mom (deceased), Jason (boyfriend, Deceased)
Status Alive
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Eye Color brown
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Height 5'3
Affiliation Human
Home Atlanta, Georgia

Taylor Mildew is one of the survivors from the Global Outbreak. 


She is tall and has brown eyes. She has chocolate brown hair and a big smile. She is fit and is slim with long legs.


She can be mean, when she feels threatened or at least feels like she can be mean. She is occasionally nice and caring and loves to be nice to people. She cannot stand cocky people who think they are the best.


Taylor was born on May 31th 1996, she was born to a caring family. She was a good pupil and usually finished her semesters in all "A's". That's when her father died when she was 11, her mom was in depressed state and didn't care for anything or anyone. She had to take care of herself, she got her own money. She worked very hard until finally she had enough to pay all 4 years of college. Soon her mother died and she lived with her boyfriend.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Taylor was a Native to Georgia and lived there all her life. She is a med-student and is in The Georgia State College studying medics to become a doctor. At the time of the Global Outbreak she was in class. When suddently on the speakers the principal screamed "GET OUT THERE ARE MON-" she could've hear the Principal being ripped to pieces by his screams. She with others ran out of the college, before she left she took a surgical knife and started killing walkers. She is one of the first 3 people to meet up with the L.A Survivors.


Taylor has a array of surgical knives, when in meelee she can whip one out and cut the walker.



Taylor was in Relationship with her best friend. They have known each other for 9 years and finally they got together. He helped her pay her bills for their apartment in the college. Soon their relationship ended when Jason (best friend) was bitten and ultimately died.